Every year, Advent of Code (AoC) publishes a coding challenge each day of the Advent calendar. The problems are fun and Christmassy, what’s not to love? It’s also a great way to practice coding in a language you want to become more familiar with. The problems start out fairly easy, with each subsequent day generally increasing in difficulty.

For the two December meetings, 2 Dec and 9 Dec, I propose we spend the hour trying out the puzzles together and comparing our solutions :)

They get released daily from 1 Dec, so feel free to get a head start with the first puzzle on the Wednesday. I’ll set up a Computing Club AoC leaderboard for us for those who want a bit of competitivity. After you log in, you can join it here with the join code that I’ll distribute by email.

Note that 9 Dec will be our last meeting before the Winter break.